Brisbane Tile Group employ world’s best designers and tradesmen to elevate your bathroom project to the next level.


Bathroom Design

Our professionals are here to design a stunning bathroom, no matter how limited you are on space.


Brisbane Tile Group can  take the headache and risk out of waterproofing your next project.


Brisbane Tile Group is renowned for excellence in flooring and decorative tiling for several major retail brands.

Tiling is at the core of what we do. And we do it to perfection.


Ten years ago the team started in the tiling and has been laying daily ceramics, stone and porcelain ever since. What sets us apart from other tilers is our attention to detail. Every surface, edge and bevel is meticulously crafted to achieve a million-dollar look. From multi-million dollar luxury mansions to high-end retail stores across Australia, Brisbane Tile Group is always in demand where quality matters. 



Let your bathroom project exceed your expectations.


A bathroom re-fit can be a stressful and painstaking process which can leave you with a result that you're not entirely satisfied with. Brisbane Tile Group has professional bathroom designers with over ten years experience in the field to guide you through colour selection, layout and planning your bathroom renovation.

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Making sure water stays in the wet-areas.


Before any serious work can begin, any project containing wet-areas must be watertight. All our team are xxxxxxxx accredited waterproofers and our jobs are signed off with a xxxxxxxx. If you want to tile a project yourself, make sure you get a professional to waterproof the area and save you from costly repairs down the line.